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Day for Change

We’ve had a busy day supporting UNICEF’s Day for Change. Over the last few weeks everyone has been collecting up their change and today they brought it into school so…

Street Sport

We were lucky enough to have a street sport session yesterday – it was great fun! We played tennis, hockey and football.

Star Wars Yoga Buddies

Today we went on Yoga Buddies adventures on The Death Star with Princess Leia and the Jedi!  

Yoga Buddies – Frozen

P2 and P6 have been saving Arandelle and developing our yoga poses as we do Cosmic Yoga’s Frozen session.  We thought it was very cool! 

Space Yoga Buddies – P2 and P6

The yoga buddies continued their adventures in space today! 

Alice in Wonderland Yoga Buddies

Primary 2 and Primary 6 enjoyed being yoga buddies again today. Things got curiouser and curiouser as they explored stretching their bodies into poses during their adventures in Wonderland!

Primary 6 Reflective Reading

We enjoyed developing our reading strategies using a media clip for Dispicable Me 3! We compared the characters of Gru and Dru, developed understanding of the plot with our learning…

Harry Potter Yoga Buddies – P2 and P6

Primary 6 joined Primary 2 to be yoga buddies! We all had lots of fun learning to use our bodies and relax our minds using yoga and the Harry Potter…

Landscape Tiles

This morning we finished off our clay tiles we started last week. We were focusing on patterns,lines and texture. We looked at some landscapes by the artist Philip Green and…

Spectra Light Festival

We’ve spent the morning working with Jenny and Hannah from the Spectra Light Festival. We have been making paper lanterns which are octahedrons, they are going to be displayed in…