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The Incredible Lions of Zululand

Today we were very lucky to get a visit from the Lions of Zululand, a cultural group from Kwasi-Natal, South Africa. In the morning we were treated to an amazing…

Sunflower Growing

Today I brought back my sunflower that I have bean looking after over the Easter holidays. P5 were shocked to see how much it had grown and we can wait…

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from everyone in primary 5. We hope everyone has a lovely holiday. 

P3 Learn about Forces

Last week we had a great time learning about the different forces that exist in our world. We learnt about the forces pushing and pulling, floating and sinking and about…

Making Human Subtraction Stories

We have been using actions to help us learn our subtraction facts and to remember the symbols for subtraction.

Character Printing in Primary 2

We were inspired by Oliver Jeffers ‘The Huey’s’, and we decided to create multiple characters who looked alike by using printing techniques!

Learning about Direction

We have had fun exploring giving and taking directions and learning the different maths words that describe them.

P3 Zoo Lab visit

Recently we had some creepy crawly visitors to Primary 3 which we were very excited about. Zoo Lab brought in a giant African snail, a gecko, a cockroach, a tarantula,…

On a fact finding mission

A huge well done to the girls who are the first to complete the waste fact finding mission.¬†Here they are with their certificates 👍