Monthly Archives: April 2016

The Book With No Pictures

Last week P3 read ‘The Book With No Pictures’ by B.J Novak. We thought a book without pictures would be really boring but… was hilarious! Today we made masks linked…

Book Fairies!

Bonnie the Book Fairy moved into our Cosy Area. She has her little fairy garden to play in with her friends.  This week she left us some exciting books, and…

Earth Day Walks

Today we walked to the Allan Douglas Memorial Park and looked at nature in our community. We saw a recycling lorry and wondered what happens to all those reusable materials….

Bug Patrol!

Today we have been drawing and finding insects.  We have  been playing games to help us think about what happens to our rubbish when it gets thrown away!       …

Garden Club, Hard at Work!



We had a great morning at Duthie Park planting plants that will be part of the flower bed that Marcin designed.                            

Planting in Nursery

We have been helping our plants to grow by watering and weeding them!                   

Marshmallow Challenge

Yesterday P3 were set a challenge in their groups to build the tallest freestanding structure which could hold a marshmallow on top. The only equipment they could use was 20…

Nursery Bug Life! 

The children have been talking about insects in our environment, thinking how they grow and change.  We had messy fun making caterpillars, spiders and other bugs from reusable materials!   …