Monthly Archives: June 2017


We’re very excited in Nursery as some of our tadpoles have now turned into froglets as they have grown their front legs!

Story time outside this afternoon

The afternoon nursery boys and girls enjoyed a story and singing songs at the outside story corner at the end of the session today.

Story time outside

The morning nursery enjoyed using the new outside story corner to listen to The Hungry Caterpillar today

New play equipment

The morning nursery boys and girls had great fun playing on the new playground equipment today 😁

Our trip to Balmedie Beach

P4-7 had an absolutely amazing time at Balmedie Beach. ‘This was the best trip, everyone had so┬ámuch fun’ Katie Sim ‘Best trip ever’ Alex ‘I think we should definetly do…

Manchester Attack

Primary 5 have been working very hard finding out all about the tragedy of the Manchester Attack. They have been keeping up to date with the news by watching Newsround…

Achieving in Primary 5

A huge well done to Aimee and Katie, primary 5 are very proud of you! Aimee received her trophies for her achievements with her football team and Katie recieved her…

The Incredible Lions of Zululand

Today we were very lucky to get a visit from the Lions of Zululand, a cultural group from Kwasi-Natal, South Africa. In the morning we were treated to an amazing…