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Real Life Superheroes: The Police

We are learning about reall life superheroes as part of our World of Work theme. Today ¬†we met PC Rory from the police. It was so exciting learning about the…

P1 Poppies

We have had a lovely afternoon learning about the Poppy Appeal. We made our own remembrance field and used old poppies to create our own poppy wreath. We then enjoyed…

Numicon All Around!

This term we have been learning about numbers and counting using Numicon. We have been learning about the shapes and the numbers they represent. We even baked our own Numicon…

Fantastic turnout for our Nursery and P1 Family Storytime session! We read the Gingerbread Man and made stick puppets.  

Learning About How Our Food Changes

We have been busy cooking this morning in P1. We have been learning about how food can change when it is mixed and cooked. It is all part of the…

Making Human Subtraction Stories

We have been using actions to help us learn our subtraction facts and to remember the symbols for subtraction.

Learning about Direction

We have had fun exploring giving and taking directions and learning the different maths words that describe them.

Planting Food

We have been learning about where our food comes from. We have planted some food of our own to watch it grow.

Making Patterns

We have been using lots of objects to create patterns with two colours in P1 today.  

Outdoor Music!

We read Rumble in the Jungle and listened to the sounds from the jungle. We experimented in the class with how to make music on different instruments. We decided that…