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Planting Part 2!

Yesterday we all went down to Great Southern Road to plant out Marcin’s design of an awesome flower bed.  We used the plants to make the design which was a…


Today the imagineers from P6 gave us a tour of the mural they were involved in creating. Lots of our ideas were used as well. The mural shows the Aberdeen…

Fundraising for Change!

Teddy’s birthday was 11th December (1946) – the date UNICEF was founded.                   

Fairtrade Cafe – Day for Change


UNICEF Day for Change!

Thank you for all your support raising money for our UNICEF Day for Change! Between the pots of change, Fairtrade Cafe donations, raffle, Change for Teddy and Guess Teddy’s Birthday,…

Bookbug Visits Nursery!

Our ante preschool children had a special visitor today…Bookbug! Through the Scottish Book Trust, we were lucky to have a visit from Bookbug with Gwen. Gwen read a story called…

Earth Day Walks

Today we walked to the Allan Douglas Memorial Park and looked at nature in our community. We saw a recycling lorry and wondered what happens to all those reusable materials….

Bug Patrol!

Today we have been drawing and finding insects.  We have  been playing games to help us think about what happens to our rubbish when it gets thrown away!       …

Garden Club, Hard at Work!



We had a great morning at Duthie Park planting plants that will be part of the flower bed that Marcin designed.