Alice in Wonderland Yoga Buddies

Primary 2 and Primary 6 enjoyed being yoga buddies again today. Things got curiouser and curiouser as they explored stretching their bodies into poses during their adventures in Wonderland!

Learning about Direction

We have had fun exploring giving and taking directions and learning the different maths words that describe them.

Planting Food

We have been learning about where our food comes from. We have planted some food of our own to watch it grow.

Primary 6 Reflective Reading

We enjoyed developing our reading strategies using a media clip for Dispicable Me 3! We compared the characters of Gru and Dru, developed understanding of the plot with our learning…

Harry Potter Yoga Buddies – P2 and P6

Primary 6 joined Primary 2 to be yoga buddies! We all had lots of fun learning to use our bodies and relax our minds using yoga and the Harry Potter…

P2 Library Visit

Primary 2 had a lovely afternoon walking to our local library, looking around our local community. Everyone chose a book to bring back, then we listened to a story about…

Pond Life with P2

We had a special visitor today who played games and shared a video with us, helping us learn about pond life and some exciting information about bee keeping!

Hungry Caterpillar Yoga with P2!

We had lots of fun doing yoga today in gym! We even learned a special word to use – namaste!

P3 Zoo Lab visit

Recently we had some creepy crawly visitors to Primary 3 which we were very excited about. Zoo Lab brought in a giant African snail, a gecko, a cockroach, a tarantula,…

On a fact finding mission

A huge well done to the girls who are the first to complete the waste fact finding mission.┬áHere they are with their certificates 👍