Returning to School

As plans and details for returning to school are finalised and shared over the coming months information and updates will be added below, in addition to being shared in the usual way via email and groupcall.

13/8/20 – BB-School-Return-Plan.pdf (11 downloads)

12/8/20 – BrambleBraeRA-InspectionCD.pdf (8 downloads)   (This risk assessment is dynamic and will be reviewed on a daily basis.)

30/6/20 – Bramble Brae Contingency Plan

12/6/20 – Aberdeen City Council have shared the Local Delivery Phasing Plan outlining the plan for moving forward towards return to school.

The full version can be accessed here – Local-Phased-Delivery-Plan.pdf (16 downloads)

There is also an online version which can be accessed here – Local Phased Delivery Plan